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What is Superlinks?

Tiscon Superlink StirrupsA stirrup is a closed loop of reinforcement bar made from high-strength steel. Stirrup reinforcing is an important means of adding strength to concrete support columns. Since it withstands the shear force, a stirrup is termed as shear or transverse reinforcement when used in beams. While the rectangular or square stirrup is most commonly used in normal construction, there are other types as well. As per the design and shape of the load bearing component, we have Circular, Polygonal, and U-stirrup or Crosstie stirrups.

In India, conventionally stirrups are shaped manually by local labour available at construction sites. They follow elementary methods and so in most cases the stirrups do not adhere to the approved standards. These in most cases suffer from dimensional defects and can lead to improper locking of the ends. As a consequence, chances of the structure giving in during earthquakes increase. Stirrups of poor quality are considered "weak-links" in an RCC structure and can also cause unfortunate accidents during the construction phase. Later these increase the potential risk of collapse under adverse conditions.


Tiscon Superlinks

Tiscon Superlink Stirrups: Prescribed StandardsTiscon Superlinks are stirrups (rings) made of high strength ribbed TMT reinforcement bar. The most commonly used sizes are 7"x7", 7"x9", and so on. Manufactured through automated processes and advanced machinery, Tiscon Superlinks maintains strictest quality control measures to ensure uniformity of standard and precision in dimensions. They have a 135° hook as per specifications, for better unitization with concrete core. The standards followed during manufacturing meet all the Indian government norms like: - IS 456, IS 2502, SP-34, IS 13920 (Indian Ductile Details Code).