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BuildWise - a Design Support by Tata TisconBuilding your dream home isn’t easy. The entire process gains momentum, once you have chosen the right plot of land. First, you have to find the right architect and engineer to design it, keeping Vaastu considerations and local building regulations in mind. Then get required approvals from local authorities. Third, you need to find the right masons and contractors. And once you start building, so starts the anxiety. Choice of construction materials and scheduling the purchase quantity impacts your financial planning. Then, there are elements of plumbing and electrical designs to be taken care of, which are often overlooked.

What is BuildWISE©?

BuildWISE© is the design support by TATA Tiscon aimed at providing the crucial help of planning your dream home, even before you start construction.

Plan your Dreams :
Go through architectural designs and virtual walkthroughs to get feel of your dream home. This is where the aspects of Vaastu compliance and structural engineering are built in.

Build as Planned :
Once the plan is finalized, we move to making architectural, electrical and plumbing designs that will make your dream home safe, durable and in compliance with local building regulations.

Plan your Finances :
Get a proper bill of material quantity that will be required to turn this plan into concrete. Add to this a proper timeline for building in stages along with instructions for best practices like brick-mortar mix specifications, how to do marble flooring or fix iron bars to parapets.

Feel Empowered :
With the perfect designs, bills of material quantity and a timeline to plan your expenses, you will be in total control when you start constructing your dreams.