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GFX coated superlinks

Tiscon Ultima brings you GFX coated superlinks, cutting-edge stirrups. It is superior to every other product in the category. Special GFX coating provides protection from corrosion and creates better bonding strength.

GFX Superlinks is made of high strength Tata Tiscon SD rebar through automatic sophisticated machines. Strict quality control during the manufacturing process eliminates any risk of defect in the product.

Readymade stirrup reduces the time and space at the construction site.

    Corrosion of Stirrup : A bigger Concern
  • Continuously exposed to the aggressive environment of the soil, seepage of water from cracks in concrete etc.
  • Accelerated corrosion and damage of stirrups with time.
  • Loss of strength in TMT rebar dur to loss of rim.
  • Reduction in the load bearing capacity of the foundation leading to development of cracks in the buildings and thus, collapse.
  • Corrosion of stirrups is more serious owing to smaller clear concrete cover and smaller diameter.

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